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Rita Ora is a Star that is Shining Bright 

Rita Ora was born to Albanian parents Vera and Besnick. Her mother is a psychiatrist and father a pub owner who studied economics. They left Yugoslavia when Rita was just a baby in 1991 to settle in London, England. 

Rita began to sing at an early age and she rose to prominence after being featured on DJ Fresh’s single “Hot Right Now” in 2012 which went to number 1 in the UK. She released her debut album Ora also in 2012 with the hit single “R.I.P.” and ” How We Do (Party)”. Rita had the most number-one singles in the UK in 2012 with 3 singles. 

Rita released her second album in 2018 titled “Phoenix” and had 3 top ten singles from it named “Anywhere”, ” Your Song” and “Let you love me”. She is the first female solo in the UK to have 13 top 10 singles. 

As far as listeners and followers she has around 4 million subscribers on YouTube and 20 million listeners on Spotify. With only 2 albums so far we hope to hear more from Rita in the coming year’s. I’m sure she’ll have a lot more number-one singles ahead of her.

Ariana Grande a World Wide Success 

Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton, Florida, and is currently listened to singer-songwriter today. She began her career in 2008 with a part in the musical 13. She signed with Republic records in 2011 after being discovered doing YouTube covers. She released her debut album, “Yours Truly” in 2013. 

Her first top ten single off of that album “The Way” was just the beginning of her success. She would go on to release 5 albums to date all of which would have the top 10 singles. She has received one Grammy Award, one Brit Award, two Billboard Music Awards, three American Music Awards to date. 

She is also the most listened to female artist on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music with a total of 50 billion streams on the platforms. She is the most followed female artist on the first two and most listened to on the last two. 

Billboard would recognize her 2018 as the “woman of the year” and the most accomplished female artist of the 2010s. She is only 26 years old now and so much going for her we can only wonder what she will accomplish next.

D-Witt is a Rising Star in Hip-Hop 

The musician D-Witt is a hip-hop artist who comes from Rockford, IL. He has played a number of gigs including Ohio, Minnesota, and New York City dates. 

He has almost 1000 followers on SoundCloud, almost 4500 likes on Facebook and over 34,000 followers on Instagram. With this loyal following and his successful gigs that he has played, D-Witt is headed for a successful career in hip-hop for sure. 

His latest hit song Enemy featured on SoundCloud at is a blend of rap and melody that reminds us of a G-Eazy or a Loud song. It has a quality that sticks to you and you want to hear it over and over and with over 1 million plays I’m not the only one. These 2 rappers mentioned have millions of views on YouTube which I’m sure D-Witt will follow in their footsteps. His other notable songs Escaping me and Play the Game feature vocals and rap reminiscent of Him and I by Halsey and G-Eazy with a sound that is both memorable and infectious. I found myself wanting to hear these songs again and again. 

You can follow D-Witt at: 


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Bohemian Rhapsody 

This film was released on January 11, 2019, and is by director Bryan Singer. It starts off as a story about the beginning of the rock band Queen. It features performances by Rami Malek as the singer that had an extra set of incisors in his mouth who joins an unknown band and turned it into a supergroup. 

Farrokh Balsara who changes his name to Freddie Mercury shows off his amazing vocals on all the major hit songs from Queen and the film shows us also a rare inside look at a rock band in the 1970s. 

The film follows the band’s early beginnings of struggling to make ends meet to a meteoric rise in popularity in just a few years. The film also follows Freddie Mercury’s private life from his marriage to his wife to his realization that he was bisexual. 

From Freddie’s wild parties to the realization that he had AIDS, this film gives an intimate look at Freddie Mercury’s personal life. The soundtrack was exceptionally well done and for a fan of Queen, it seems to be the ultimate tribute to a rock band that is still popular to this day. 

What you can expect from this film is a range of emotions that can be categorized as a rollercoaster of a ride that ends in tragedy. It is a film worth watching in my opinion and from the rave reviews, I’m not the only one who enjoyed watching it.

Ed Sheeran’s Success 

Born in 1991, Ed Sheeran was raised in West Yorkshire England. He sang in the church choir when he was four and later learned to play the guitar. He began writing songs while in High School. 

He released five EP’s independently before being signed to Asylum. His most successful studio albums have been “multiply” and his latest “divide”. 

As far as his latest album “divide” which was released in 2017, it featured four top 10 songs in the UK and US. The first two singles “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” debuted in the top spots in the UK, Australia, and Germany charts. 

The first two singles and the single “Perfect” from “divide” all made the top 10 in the US. 

The songs themselves can be classified as taken from Ed’s life as well as having a catchy beat, some great guitar riffs and they have really heartfelt lyrics. 

With the two albums, “multiply” and “divide” Ed Sheeran has become one of the most successful male pop stars of today. With 44 million listeners every month on Spotify and 38 million subscribers on YouTube, Ed Sheeran has eclipsed the majority of his contemporaries. Ed has just released “No. 6” his latest album of collaborations in 2019, with today’s biggest artists.

Taylor Swift’s Success Story 

In case you haven’t heard of Taylor Swift, she is an American singer-songwriter who is at the pinnacle of her success. She is only 29 years old and she is one of the most listened to artists of today. 

She has 33 million subscribers on YouTube and regularly has over 35 million listeners every month on Spotify. In 2018, she went on a stadium tour to support her latest album “reputation” which broke all records for a tour beating out even the Rolling Stones as the most grossing tours. 

In case you have never heard of her before, she was born in Pennsylvania and then moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was 14 with her family to pursue a music career. She soon signed to Big Machine Records and released six albums with that label. She will be releasing a new album shortly with the Republic label. 

With her first label, she wrote and composed songs for country radio. Having had unprecedented success with albums like “Fearless” and “Red” with a slew of hits on country radio she turned her attention to Pop music. With the release of “1989” as well as her latest album “reputation” she has made her mark in Pop music. 

Her latest album “reputation” was released in 2017 and featured some very impressive songs to add to her catalog. Those included “…ready for it?”, “End Game” and “Delicate” were three songs from the album that got a lot of radio airplay as well as video airplay. 

She remains today as one of music’s shining stars and hopefully for many years to come.

Halsey and Her Struggle 

Born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane and known in the music world as Halsey, she was born from a Caucasian mother and African-American father. She studied violin until she was fourteen and then turned to acoustic guitar after that. 

At the tender age of seventeen, she tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized afterward. She was then diagnosed with bipolar and released only to return to school and then art school in New Jersey. 

It was soon after dropping out of art school that she was thrown out of her parents home to live with friends at which time, she became homeless for a short time. 

It was at this time that she decided to write some songs and put them on Sound cloud. One of those songs was the top ten hit “Ghost”, which got the attention of several record labels to which she signed with Astralwerks. 

She soon released her first album Badlands which featured hit singles “New Americana”, “Ghost” and “Castle”, then she followed up with her number one album “hopeless fountain kingdom”. She is now one of the top pop artists and one of the most popular artists of today. She is soon to release a new album shortly. 

Now, Halsey performs on all the major awards shows such as MTV Music Awards, Grammy Awards as well, she plays worldwide tours in arenas before 15000 people a night and she’s only 24 years old. 

Being diagnosed with bipolar or becoming homeless was only a setback for Halsey and was only a starting point to realize her dreams. So many people after being diagnosed stop pursuing their life long dreams so you can take this from Halsey that anything is possible even after a mental health diagnosis.

Dua Lipa break out artist 

Born 1995 in London, England, Dua Lipa and her family moved to Pristina, Kosovo in 2006. She went to school in London only to continue with school after the move to Kosovo. She later at age 14 returned to London to pursue a singing career. 

When she first returned to London she worked as a model for a modeling agency in London. She later posted some covers on YouTube and then was signed to Warner Music. 

She soon released a self-titled debut album “Dua Lipa” which had 7 top ten singles in the UK. She currently has 10 million subscribers on YouTube and 30 million listeners on Spotify. 

Singles such as “IDGAF” and ” New Rules” were both blockbuster hits for Dua Lipa. Her songs feature her dark pop voice which so melodious and enchanting. 

She has toured extensively since 2016 throughout Europe and North America. 

She shows no signs of slowing down and in 2018 she released a super-deluxe version of her self titled album with 3 new songs. 

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Bebe Rexha upcoming artist 

Born in 1989, from Albanian parents. Her name at birth was bleta but all her friends started calling her Bebe early on and it stuck. 

She learned to play trumpet in school and taught herself guitar and piano. She started writing songs in 2010 and got songwriting credits on the 2013 number one hit “Monsters” by Rihanna and Eminem. 

She was signed to Warner Music in 2013 and released 2 ep’s called “It’s all your fault” pt 1 and pt 2. She had a mild hit off the single “I got you”. She followed this up with 2 smash hit singles ” Me, Myself and I” with G-Eazy and “Meant to be” with Florida Georgia Line. 

Bebe went on tour in 2015 and 2017 as well, she was the opening act for Katy Perry and Bruno Mars in 2018. She currently has 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 30 million listeners on Spotify currently. 

Bebe was just diagnosed with bipolar in April 2019. Bebe is a rising star that has just started on her journey to a very successful career and won’t let anything stop her.

Ed Sheeran 

Ed Sheeran’s latest divide album has been released for a while now featuring singles like Shape of You and Castle on the Hill and currently Perfect is at number one. 

With electronic beats and guitar melodies, the album has shot Ed to number one on Spotify as well as these three chart-topping singles has made him arguably the most popular artist of last and this year. 

The album has great singles and overall it deserves to be where it is today in sales.